Main Topics

Facilities, Asset Management, Procurement & Sourcing from people for people.
Facility Management and the belonging procurement activities within the modern environment. Innovation and Change Management and why you should have a closer look.

My Main topics are:

Facility Management within global & local environment

Global & local facility and procurement strategies
Asset Management
Sustainable Supply Chain
Marktanalysen & Trends
Diversity & Inclusion
Project Management
Complexity's within Facility Management
The social aspects within Facility Management

Consulting, Seminar, Training & Projects

Develop your own individuell roadmap, to analyse and optimize your FM operation.
Understand and define your optimization Potentials and learn how to best implement.

"Together for one goal"

Facility & Asset Management

  • Facility Management within local & global environmant

  • Operative & strategic Facility Management

  • Asset Management Concepts

  • Inhouse Management & Outsourcing

Procurement & Sourcing

  • Local & global procurement and  sourcing strategies

  • Sustainable Supply Chain

  • Market Analysis & Trends

  • Globalization

  • Trends & Innovation

    • Digitalization & IoT

    • Diversity & Inclusion

    • sustainability

    • Industry Trends

    • Work Environment

    Lector & Trainer

    Theoretic Facility Management knowledge and insights as foundations and lived practice are two essential and fundamentale components of the operational and strategic Facility Management.  This will allow us to organize, meassure and  optimize the FM service delivery, to meet personal, operational and Business requirements and expectations.

    "Future and practice oriented"

    Facility Management

    Modern Facility management consists of countless components, definitions and standards. So what exactly is Facility Management? What are the main components and how do they interact? How is the internal and external provision of services (purchasing & procurement) regulated. And what about qualifications? Facility Management is also subject to constant change on the part of customers, but also on the market and service provider side. Service provision and measurement, organization, purchasing and procurement must be coordinated and function optimally. 

    Asset Management

    Asset management as the sole component or part of Facility Management deals with buildings, systems and infrastructure, their recording, measurement, operation, etc. How do we ensure that our buildings, systems and infrastructure meet operational requirements? How are the operator obligations and regulations organized?

    Procurement & Sourcing

    Who can best provide Facility Management services? What does the market look like, how efficient and mature is it? How are interfaces to internal service provision organized and delimited? Delivery and service provision are also subject to special requirements. Reliable supply chains, sustainability, references and qualifications, but also local or national supply partners and their service portfolio and performance must be taken into account.

    Interim Management

    Temporary help and support to bridge personnel bottlenecks in Facility Management. Support in the selection, filling and training of Facility Management positions.

    Personal & Individual

    Discover and explore your down individuallity, strengest and potential and develop your down future.


    Discovery and develop your strenghts


    When the edge of the plate becomes a stepping stone.

    Self Reflection

    Where I am, what distinguishes me, what do I really want and care for?


    Only you can find your way

    What to expect from fm-insights?

    My offer:

    Mutuale developed analysis, concepts and Solutions which meet the individual requirements. Communication and implementation support.

    What I could not offer:

    Prefabricated solutions, standard processes and roadmaps, predefined modular building block systems, guaranteed success.