Facility Management - The People Business

Analyzing, optimizing, roadmap, realisation, transparancy and  benchmarks to better recognize your optimization potentials and understand the status quo.

Own your People Business

Lars Kriegler

                     Industrial Engineer, Facility Management & Sourcing Specialist

Consulting, Seminar, Training & Projects

Develop a roadmap for analysis, optimization, realization, transparency and benchmarks. Recognize and define optimization potentials and learn how to implement them. However, analyses, solutions and strategies do not develop by themselves. Only joint interaction enables all aspects to be taken into account and leads to a situation that is satisfactory for everyone involved.
"No one knows as much as everyone and the fascination of swarm intelligence"

Lector & Trainer

The theoretical Facility Management knowledge as a foundation, combined with lived practice, are two elementary components of operational and strategic Facility Management. These enable us to organize, measure and optimize Facility Management services to meet personal, operational and economic needs.
"Future-oriented and practical"

Personal & Individual

  • Motivation

  • Inspiration

  • Self reflection

  • Mentoring