Lars Kriegler

Characterized by many years in and for Facility Management. Working in large international corporations, permanent further development, analyzing, developing, experiencing and admiring processes, concepts and solutions. A life with people and for people. Because Facility Management is more than just the sum of the services. Facility Management cannot function without the human component. The human makes it possible to create a motivating, productive and innovative environment that at the same time does justice to the economic interests of the company.

My Facility Management subject areas

Global & local Facility Management

Global & local Procurement and Sourcing Strategy's

Asset Management

Sustainable Supply Chain

Market analysis

Diversity & Inclusion


Project Management

The complexity within Facility Management

Social components of Facility Management

As a passionate and committed lecturer and lecturer in Switzerland and Germany, it is important to me to pass on my many years of experience to the next generation of people interested in Facility & Asset Management. To inspire and prepare you for this multifaceted and complex topic. The teaching units are characterized by personal experiences and impressions from practice. The aim is to provide inspiring teaching units and courses that are tailored to the needs and focal points of the universities. Not the classic lecture, but the interaction with the participants and students should be in the foreground. So let's look together behind the scenes of Facility Management and discover the exciting complexity of services, products, organizations, performance measurement, purchasing & procurement. The influence of the personal component, group dynamics, hierarchical influences and market opportunities.